プロジェクトマネージャー 伊藤 泰介 / Project Manager: Taisuke Itou


I had 10 years of experience in the food industry before joining this company, working as a market broker, with food company product, and a shop manager. With the spread of fresh ideas like the slogan “Kimchi with as many vegetables as possible” or the “Kanagawa Vegetable” slogan “Local Production for Local Consumption,” I feel this is a most comfortable workplace with an environment where staff can enjoy their work while contributing to the local area.
Green Foods Atsumi is a valuable company where you can communicate with and even have international cultural exchange with many people, from the workshop craftsmen, to staff in charge of production, product management, and bookkeeping, part-timers, temporary staff, shop staff, and special event staff. Everyone is always able to challenge new things, overflowing with smiles.
“A lifestyle with healthy, delicious Kimchi.” I have fallen in love with that thought.