Bringing Deliciously Healthy Food to your Dining Table.

Kawasaki, which still retains the appearance of Japan’s golden age.
We have been able to do business in this town for 30 years now.
In that time, our consistent approach has been our desire to “deliver delicious vegetables to your dining table”.
Green Foods Atsumi’s main pursuit is real deliciousness that benefits both the body and spirit.

Green Foods Atsumi’s Resolution

Our resolution is the pursuit of pure deliciousness.
The food that you eat on a daily basis is connected to maintaining a healthy body. We aim to respect good-old tradition while continuing on with new challenges. Green Foods Atsumi’s resolution is not simply selling “things” to eat, it is based on suggesting and making available everything related to “the act of eating”.

Corporate philosophy
Kawasaki’s Famous “Kei Kimchi”

“Kei Kimchi”: where the Japanese face the Korean culture of pickling vegetables head on and aim to create truly delicious kimchi that is meant for Japanese dining tables. Using their know-how as a vegetable shop, and making the phrase “there are as many types of kimchi as there are types of vegetables” their motto, “Kei Kimchi” is expressing the deliciousness of Kimchi not only to Japan, but to the whole world.

Seeking Deliciously Healthy Food

The most important thing in life is eating. Not just putting food in your mouth and ingesting it, but instead thinking of food as something that truly gives you energy. This is why, with the slogan of “working towards a deliciously healthy lifestyle” in mind, we propose and provide various food cultures such as fermented foods.

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