Corporate philosophy

Facing the Importance of Eating

Providing food is not limited to simply selling “products” as ingredients. Beyond that, we think about the devotion of the people who make them, the smiles of the people who eat them, and delivering the moment of sitting down at the table for dinner time itself.
Dinner is essentially “the act of eating”. We face that “act” earnestly.
That is Green Foods Atsumi’s philosophy.

Pure Deliciousness
True deliciousness is what we strive for

Green Foods Atsumi’s vegetables have one specialty: “deliciousness”. However, that one word contains many meanings; for example, the connection between the marketplace and the vegetable store, or an encounter with where the food was produced. In our 30 years of business, we have felt the possibility of vegetables’s worth grow more and more, and we feel certain that our life’s mission is to provide vegetables that we think are delicious from the bottom of our hearts at a reasonable price.

A Balanced Diet Leads to a Healthy Body
Deliciousness that is linked with health

In order to spend your days in good health, the one thing that you must not fail to do, is to eat delicious and nutritional food every day. At Green Foods Atsumi, we emphasize the thought that healthcare and eating come from the same source: in other words, “a balanced diet leads to a healthy body”. Healthy food cultures using vegetables are always on our mind. For example, not just the obvious choice of enjoying raw vegetables as they are, but also methods such as eating them pickling, which is good for digestion and the absorption of nutrients, or fermentation, which draws out their flavor and increases their nutritional value.

Learning From the Past
Deliciousness that must be remembered and passed on

A food culture that spans a great period of time,and is continuously inherited. There have always been various ways of eating vegetables in all different ages and places. The wisdom of our predecessors, who gratefully received the earth’s blessings in both body and spirit. We feel strongly that small speciality stores are seeking to deliver the “act of eating” and customer’s dining tables as well as to provide food suggestions in the present time period when stores that only provide food as ingredients are on the rise.