Company profile

Company name Green Foods Atsumi,Ltd.
Head Office 3-35-7 Kawasaki-Ku Kawasaki City Kanagawa 210-0834
TEL: 044-288-7616 / FAX: 044-288-7652
Established June 1 ,1988
Capital 8,500,000 yen
Direct management store Otukemono Kei Oshimakamicho Branch
Otukemono Kei Wataridashincho Branch
Otukemono Kei Higashiterao Branch
Green Foods Atsumi
Online shop
Top management President and CEO Kazuyuki Atsumi
Director  Noriko Atsumi

Director Akemi Atsumi
Business Area Fruit and vegetable wholesale
Making and selling of kimchi and pickles/td>
Main client Life corporation
Keikyu department store
Takashimaya department store
Mitsui Fudosan commercial management corporation
Sogo Co., Ltd. / Seibu department store
Saikaya Co., Ltd.
Tokyoseika Co., Ltd.
Rakuten Co., Ltd.
Razona Kawasaki plaza / Kawasaki Azeria
Yokohama building railroad station building corporation
Sendai Fujisaki department store
Kagoshima Yamakataya department store
Cooperation store □Franchise contract special agent

Otukemono Kei Togoshi Ginza Branch
Otukemono Kei Kamata Branch
□Sales cooperation store
Kanakubi Store(Noge,Yokohama)

Company history

1957(Showa 32) The father of current president Kazuyuki Atsumi, Koujirou Atsumi, operates “Kawasaki Food Center KK” with his siblings.
1987(Showa 62) Establishment of “Green Foods Atsumi YK.”
Green Foods Atsumi sells produce as an independent grocery store and wholesales produce for business use.
1991(Heisei 3) Current president Kazuyuki Atsumi joins the company.
Kazuyuki visits markets in person, building up produce evaluation know-how as a produce purchaser.
Additionally, during the shrinking of the wholesale market due to the decline of Yamasaki’s Korea Town’s shops, he meets with sales contact and Yakiniku restaurant head chef Masaru Shirono and tries the kimchi he made. With the desire to preserve the kimchi of the Yamasaki Korea Town he had loved from his youth, he decides to sell an original kimchi.
2003(Heisei 15) September
First “Otsukemono Kei” store opens in Kawasaki’s Wataridashin-cho.
Current president Kazuyuki Atsumi and craftsman Masaru Shirono begin sales together as a kimchi specialist store in a small shop. For three years, sales lag, but slowly craftsman Shirono’s kimchi becomes well known. The small shop that hardly anyone visited grows by word of mouth.
Then, thanks to coverage by local magazines, it becomes known as a shop that always had long lines and television coverage increased.
Afterwards, by opening a store on the major online sales site “Rakuten Market,” orders come in from all over the country, with the online shop growing until it captures the number one rank on Rakuten.
2009(Heisei 21) Current president Kazuyuki Atsumi becomes President and CEO.
2011(Heisei 23) January
Previous president Koujirou Atsumi passes away.
Second “Otsukemono Kei” store opens in Kawasaki’s Oshimakami-cho.
It is equipped with an 81-foot workshop area and a separate shopping area.
“The Original! Satisfying Squid Kimchi” becomes a hit product in online sales for three months straight.
Wins the first championship at the first Kawasaki Ultimate Kimchi Grand Prix.
2013(Heisei 25) August
Otsukemono Kei franchise shop opens in Shinagawa-ku, Togoshi Ginza.
2014(Heisei 26) June
Otsukemono Kei franchise shop opens in Kamata.
“Festival Troop” is created in response to requests to sell at special events from department stores and others. The current president’s wife, Akemi Atsumi, is became as Festival Supervisor and begins independent sales expansion.
2018(Heisei 30) February
Third “Otsukemono Kei” store opens in Yokohama’s Tsurumi-ku.
The company’s Chinese Cabbage Kimchi is recognized as a Famous Kawasaki Product by the city of Kawasaki.
2019(Heisei 31) April
Otsukemono Kei Kimchi is recognized as one of Kanagawa’s Select 100 Famous Products by Kanagawa Prefecture.